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Tell Me about Your Customers – Identifying Buyer Personas

When launching any marketing initiative – web design, mobile landing page, print campaign, social media marketing – it is always important to know your customer. This applies to any type of organization or business. For example: International association – marketing for support, membership and awareness to members and potential members as well as political figures Private high... Read More

You Are Not Your Target Market, Creating Customer Marketing Personas

Repeat after me: “I am not my target market.” Congratulations, you have taken one of the first and most important steps you can take in marketing. You have admitted that you are not your ideal customer. Sounds like a simple concept, but when making marketing and business decisions so often we gravitate towards what we... Read More

Landing Pages Are Your Digital Marketing Secret Weapon

Landing pages are an important piece of any digital marketing effort. Landing pages are your secret weapon, generating one million new leads! OK, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but they can move the needle, if you know what you’re doing. Maybe you’ve heard the term “landing page” but are not sure what a landing page... Read More

Do You Use Utility Marketing to Connect with Mobile Clients?

What is Utility Marketing? Utility marketing means putting content and information in your marketing material that your target audience can utilize. It’s the opposite of interruption marketing where your goal is to get your offer in front of as many people as possible in the hopes that someone will buy. You may have heard of... Read More