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Dave's thorough knowledge of design, as well as his keen interest in visual communication, lends itself to just about every type of service that Wood Street provides. This includes web and print design, branding, illustration and media. His passion for a wide variety of visual mediums gives him the drive to master new challenges and match specific needs with unique and effective design solutions. Dave has served as an integral proponent for quality design at Wood Street since 2005 and continues to stay up to date with current design practices. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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The Fold is a Lie! well… kind of…

The constant evolution The World Wide Web is constantly evolving as new technologies and trends arrive on the scene, which means that some rules that applied the previous year are no longer applicable in the current year, and vice versa. When we don’t acknowledge this, we resist change and, in the end, cause considerable damage... Read More

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Hierarchy & Web Site Design

What is Hierarchy? Hierarchy is simply defined as any system of persons or things ranked one above another. It is a system that helps us define order and organization. Once the hierarchy of any system is defined, it not only explains how that system functions but also aids in predicting how any change in the... Read More