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3 Ways Mobile Marketing is Much More than Apps

When most marketers think about mobile marketing, they often think about “apps”.  While for some businesses apps may be great opportunities, there are certainly many organizations where an app might not be the best way to market with mobile.

Here are three BIG mobile marketing opportunities often overlooked by businesses and non-profits:

1. Traditional Media

With all the buzz about digital and online marketing it’s easy to forget about “old fashioned” traditional media.  It may be easy to forget about traditional media even if you’re currently spending some of your marketing budget there.

Traditional media includes TV, radio, print, direct mail, and outdoor.  While these channels aren’t getting much attention right now they are still getting plenty of eyeballs.  If you’re currently using one of these why not incorporate a mobile marketing call-to-action?  Chances are your target audience will have a phone within inches of them when they see or hear your latest ad.

  • Have your audience text-in for a coupon, giveaway, or future product update.
  • Have them scan a QR code to watch a video about your product or service, or testimonial from a recent customer.
  • Have them interact with the ad, give them more, and collect their data if possible.

If you’re already buying media the cost to add a mobile marketing element is insignificant.  Stop making them remember your website address and send them to your mobile website, now!

2.  Events

Does your business or non-profit hold, sponsor, or attend events?  Does anyone at those events have a phone? Ok, that was a stupid question; of course they have a phone!  Give them a reason to use that phone to engage with your organization.

  • Hand out fliers encouraging them to text-in for information on future events, to enter a contest, or to voice their opinion on the spot.
  • Put up signs at your next tradeshow that let them scan a QR code to learn more about your people, product, or history.
  • Stop using clipboards to capture data!  It’s time consuming, inaccurate, and a pain for your attendees.  Use text messaging to capture email address, zip code, and more.  Use QR codes to send them to your mobile website to donate or purchase on the spot.

Everyone at your events and tradeshows is standing around with a phone in their pocket or purse.  Give them a reason to get it out and do something!

3.  On-site

Just as your audience has phones with them at your events, they also have phones with them when they’re at your place of business.  If you have a store, entertainment property, or anything with foot traffic you have a great opportunity to take advantage of mobile marketing. And it will only cost you a few printed signs.

  • Put up signs where your customers congregate; eating areas, waiting areas, etc.
  • Have them text-in or scan a QR code to join a loyalty club, enter to win, or save on their next visit. Build a database of repeat customers.
  • Provide an exclusive behind-the-scenes mobile video about your business.  Give them something entertaining, be creative.
  • Answer their questions, or get their feedback, via text message or mobile website.

There’s no better time to interact with your audience than when they’re immersed in your brand experience.  Take advantage!

In Conclusion

Text message marketing and QR codes are the easiest drivers of interaction, but with all three opportunities above, your mobile website and any videos you have can play a big part.

Content is crucial to strengthening the relationship your audience has with your brand, and mobile is the key to getting them to that content.

Need some help integrating SMS, QR or other mobile marketing with your traditional marketing? Let us know.


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