3 Responses to “Mobile Marketing is Made for the Real Estate Industry
  • Good post, thanks for these little tips that can be helpful.

  • I don’t know the exact statistics–I never looked. What I know is that when I’m out an about in the city doing my normal everyday errands, I see people all the time with their eyes glued to their smart phones or tablets. Though I never met anyone who’s ever bought a house they found from an iPhone App, I can see how it’s possible to raise an interest on a certain location, house, etc… If the contact info, website, Email Addresses are easy to find, then I can see how they could possible take the next steps–surf the main website later at home, eventually sending an Email, and making an appointment to see a real estate property in person. I think it is rare to hear that anyone has sold a house from one Email, chat, or phone call. Realistically, it takes several Emails, phone calls, and face to face meetings to finally close a deal. Starting the whole process from a mobile app? Yeah, I can see how it’s possible, and something worth investing in.

    • Oh, I don’t disagree. You absolutely need to keep selling. A smartphone will not sell a house on its own. But it can be a very powerful marketing tool and in some cases could help to dramatically improve the sales cycle.

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