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Mobile Marketing: QR Codes and Next Year’s Marketing Plan

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about QR Code Marketing, and I set a challenge to my marketing clients.

“Get creative with QR Code Marketing—Don’t let your scanned code lead to a static flyer or just back to your standard web site”.

As the year comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on this year’s winning marketing ideas.  I have to say that we had a lot of fun getting creative with QR Code Marketing.

As you create your marketing plan for 2014, feel free to “Steal the Idea”.  Below are mini reviews of some of the most creative ideas for QR Code Marketing that have been launched by my clients in the past 12 months.

YES, you should have a marketing plan and calendar for 2014.  If you haven’t started, let this post be the kick in the pants…

QR Codes and Party Invitations

This is a great idea that can be used for either a social or a business party.

  1. Pick a party theme and a graphic that illustrates the theme.
  2. Add a QR Code to your simple but attention grabbing invitation.
  3. Link the QR Code to something useful and exciting.

My client’s party QR Code scanned to the actual invite that included:

  • a party music playlist
  • the menu with bonus recipes
  • a PDF map to the party location
  • and photos of their new office space

The client also combined the QR Code with social media to invite all of the Facebook business fans to the event.  The party was a huge success!

Post Party Follow-Up:  A card was handed out at the party with the same QR Code.  Guests were encouraged to scan to code in the future to see party photos.

QR Codes and Real Estate Open House Marketing

A Realtor with multiple listings made QR Code Marketing part of their Open House plan.  A week before each Open House, the Realtor…

  1. Placed a sign in front of the property
  2. The sign included a QR Code
  3. The scanned code led to information about the open house, photos of the inside of the property, a floor plan of the property and even a mention of the food being served at the open house

The Realtor was able to “recycle” their QR Code for future Open Houses.  (keep reading for ideas on recycling QR Codes within a Marketing Plan)

This agent quickly became known throughout the region for creative Open Houses—more listings and more sales for this Realtor.

QR Codes and New Home Construction

A new home builder created a unique marketing spin and saved on the cost of printed materials…

  1. Potential buyers walked into the Model Home and scanned QR Codes posted in each room
  2. The code took them to all of the custom choices for tile, flooring, cabinets, paint and even landscaping
  3. Buyers were able to pick up a flyer with all of the QR Codes as a take-away piece
  4. This provided a huge savings to the builder over the book that was distributed in past years

Buyers can review the choices, the floor plans and even set a future appointment with the agent, all by scanning the QR Code.  QR Codes were also distributed to regional Realtors.

QR Codes and Customer Loyalty Programs

A client provided loyal customers with a keychain FOB/QR Code…

  1. Loyal customers could scan the code to see special deals just for loyal customers
  2. The QR code would show them photos of new merchandise, weekly food menu updates and Happy Hour notices
  3. On this mobile microsite they could also go to register for special events.

This idea was used by a restaurant and by a retail store.  Owners and managers were able to quickly make updates and even change the marketing daily.

QR Codes and 5K Race Marketing

A QR Code was placed on the front of the race bib worn by all runners…

  1. At sign-in, each runner was given a marketing card and encouraged to scan the QR Code after the event
  2. When scanned the participants saw times/rankings, messages from the Event Sponsors, coupons, race photos and videos
  3. They were even able to sign up, with a discount, for the next 5K event

QR Codes and “The Concierge”

A client with an outside sales and marketing force wants their employees to concentrate on making sales and fast business.  Each sales rep was provided a key FOB with a QR Code that scanned to their Sales Concierge.  The mobile app created let the sales rep receive assistance with making calls, setting appointments, booking a conference room at HQ or even ordering food to be served in that conference room during their next big presentation—all from their mobile device.

QR Codes and “Makin Copies”

This is not a sales and marketing idea, but it did make me smile.  A business owner was tired of employees always jamming the copier, asking about the new coffee machine, etc.  So, he placed QR Codes on the wall next to each office appliance.  Scan the QR Code to read detailed use instructions, including photos and a funny video.

This is just a taste of the creative ideas used by clients of The Market Centre this year.  We used a mobile marketing application by MyQRosites to create the QR Code, the application and bring the unique ideas to market.

Along the way, we all learned some interesting tips and tricks.  I will share a few of those…

Effective Ways to Use QR Codes

Use QR Codes Creatively: Don’t just use your QR Code on printed marketing materials.  That QR Code can easily be used instead of a photo within social media.  QR Codes work great as Facebook “photos”.  We tested the concept many times.  Yes, viewers will scan that QR code from Facebook.

Recycle Your QR Codes: Yes, put into your 2014 marketing plan to Recycle your QR Codes.

I mentioned the Realtor that put an Open House QR Code sign in the yard a week before each open house.  The day after the Open House, the Realtor moved the sign to the next property and Recycled the QR Code by quickly and easily updating the application to the next property.

Recycle the Code and Recycle the Yard Signage.  Cool marketing that fits your budget.

Use QR Codes and Mobile Microsites to Build Your Database:  Use the RSVP, Book Tickets or Gather Email features in MyQrosites to build your database.  Clients were thrilled when the QR Code actually helped them build a database for future marketing.

Make Your QR Codes it “Worth the Scan”:  I hope you are going to include QR Code Marketing in your 2014 Marketing Plan and Calendar.  In my opinion, it’s the cost effective idea for 2014…as long as you are creative.

Remember, I am not suggesting that your QR Code scans to a boring flyer or your usual web site.  Promote your QR Code as the non-boring alternative.  “Worth The Scan”  Let your customers and clients know why your QR Code is “Worth The Scan”.  —-Scan The Code for Coupons—Scan the Code to be Invited to Our Next Event—Scan the Code…Keep our Marketing Materials and Keep Scanning Our QR Code for All the Latest News and Deals.

In Conclusion…

I am going to leave you with one last QR Code marketing idea.  Since it’s the end of the year and the holiday season,  I will share a unique holiday idea.  I received a holiday card with a QR Code.  When I scanned the code, I was offered a choice of gift cards to be received by email.  Coffee, books or music…now that’s a great end-of-the-year idea.  (Of course, this idea could be used for any celebration or to thank customers or employees)

As the year comes to a close,  I am again going to challenge my clients to use QR Code Marketing in new and fresh ways in 2014.  Hmmmmm….maybe we should start a User’s Group to share these ideas…..

Best wishes for the new year!

A version of this post originally appeared on Myqrosites.com and is used with permission.


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