Nation’s Contractor


Nation’s Contractor requested a logo that was bold and modern, preferably with a metallic 3-dimensional mark. Based in the DC Metro area, Nation’s Contractor focuses mainly on maintenance and repair contracts. Coming up with a unique logo that paired the client’s preferences with an accurate representation of the company’s identity required careful planning and consideration.


Wood Street’s strategy was to create an abstract mark that represented raw building materials, since the company’s contracts did not involve the construction of entire buildings. As tribute to Nation’s Contractor’s involvement in quality architecture, it was preferable to form these materials into an aesthetic, almost sculptural structure. The result is a cunning combination of an upright “N” and an angled “C.” The metallic sheen on this shape reinforces the material quality of the 3-dimensional mark. This was paired with a lowercase logotype that mimicked the curves and bowls of the mark.

Project Tools

  • Adobe Illustrator