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Bioscience Diagrams

Project Overview

Project Type Illustration
Company Inspirion Biosciences
Year 2016


Inspirion Biosciences, headquartered in Frederick, MD with teams deployed globally, provides critical solutions covering the entire spectrum of a laboratory lifecycle from design, commissioning and start-up, through operations, laboratory relocation and decommissioning to address, identify and solve safety and security risks at each step before they arise.

As part of its marketing efforts, Inspirion Biosciences wanted a visual representation of laboratory lifecycles and biosecurity. These concepts were both abstract and complex. Since Inspirion Biosciences had no previous infographics to with which to dictate style and strategy, Wood Street was given free-reign to develop a direction from scratch.


The backbone of the resulting infographics are based on Inspirion Bioscience’s diamond-shaped logo mark. Both pieces employ the shape for different communicative purposes. The biosecurity infographic applies the shape as a protective wall divided into two halves (biosafety and physical security). The laboratory lifecycle infographic utilizes the diamond shape as a dynamic timeline through which the lifecycle and its steps are channeled. The colors adhere strictly to Inspirion Bioscience’s limited color palette, making them an effective addition to the newly formed brand.

Project Tools

  • Adobe Illustrator

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