Project Overview

Project Type Web Design & Development
Company RoosterBio
Year 2020
Visit Completed Website


RoosterBio is a bio-manufacturing company that uses cutting-edge cell growth technology to develop products  for a wide variety of clients, including regenerative medicine product developers, tissue engineers, cell therapists, and synthetic biologists. RoosterBio also works with their clientele to develop custom processes for rapid generation and distribution to ensure specific requirements are met. When it came time to redesign their website, RoosterBio was looking for ways to improve its e-commerce process, communicate its services more clearly and provide a better user experience to current and potential clients.


Early on in the process, RoosterBio requested that the theme “A New Dawn in Regenerative Medicine” be worked into the new website look and feel. Wood Street’s design blended visual representations of cell generation and the dawning sun together with the help of various images, shapes and videos that appear throughout the the website. RoosterBio’s services and process were systematically broken down into informative pieces throughout the website. Many portions included custom infographics to help users visualize each step from cell generation to application. Wood Street also designed and developed an e-commerce system for RoosterBio’s products and setup an extensive library of easily accessible resources.

Project Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sublime Text
  • PHP Development
  • WordPress CMS
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • WooCommerce