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5 Questions for DJ Waldow plus one

DJ Waldow is the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Marketo. Marketo builds marketing automation software. I’ve known DJ for a few years now. He is full of energy and knows his stuff.

His book on email marketing is a must read and so is his blog.

Of course, I have some questions for DJ Waldow. I hope you enjoy the answers as much as I did…

Question One – Email Marketing

You’ve been with some of the biggest names in email marketing and written one of the best books out there on email marketing. What advice would you give to someone just starting out with an email marketing campaign?

Create your goals. Set up your process. Build your list. Too often, folks start by creating emails. You need to have a plan in place FIRST.

  • Why are you sending emails?
  • What are your goals?
  • How will you define success?

Next focus on setting up your processes.

  • Build opt-in forms.
  • Create welcome emails.
  • Draft up an email template.

Finally, start building your list. Add those forms to your website. Consider a popup! Promote your opt-in page on social channels!

Question Two – Social Media

In what ways do you think social media has changed marketing for the better? For the worst?

Social media has helped those who are already good at marketing, who already have a strong brand that is loved by many, to become even better.

Those who are not good at marketing or have a crappy product/service and/or terrible customer service look WORSE because of social media. Their weaknesses are “exposed,” if you will.

That being said, social media has also allowed for many SMBs to get noticed. It’s allowed them to use a new channel to be creative, to connect with their fans, advocates, prospect, and customers. It’s enabled them to list to what folks are saying about them and about their industry.

Finally, for some large companies, it’s allowed them to be able to put a face behind the big brand.

Question Three – Email Marketing’s Kryptonite

You’ve described email marketing and social media as being like Batman and Robin. In keeping with that super hero analogy, if email marketing is Superman, what would be its Kryptonite?

Ooooh. Great question. I’ve never been asked this one before. Hmm. I’d say Superman’s Kryptonite is SPAM. I’m not talking about spam from the CAN-SPAM/illegal standpoint. Instead, I simply mean unwanted email.

As our inbox gets inundated with more and more unwanted email, people are going to begin resenting their inboxes – some are already there. If we can reduce the clutter (i.e., stop sending unwanted, crappy emails), Superman will be just fine. (that’s a relief!)

Question Four – Email and Social Marketing Challenges

You’ve worked with lots of different sized clients on social and email marketing efforts? Is there one challenge that they all face? What would be your advice on how to overcome this challenge?

Resources. Most clients I’ve worked with – even those that have an entire team dedicated to email marketing – are strapped for time, are overworked, and generally are feeling the pinch to do MORE MORE MORE.

My advice: Start small. Tweak a few things with your email marketing program for some early wins. Once the C-Suite sees the ROI impact, they’ll (hopefully) invest more money and resources.

Question Five – Sports Marketing

So, you’re a football fan, Michigan right? What is one of the best examples of social and sports marketing you’ve seen lately?

Go Blue! Yes. 1998 Alum. In fact, as I type this sentence, I’m on board a Delta flight to Ann Arbor to watch my Wolverines beat Notre Dame under the lights in The Big House.


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