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Spin Sucks But This Book Rocks!

I met Gini Dietrich after posting a review of her book Marketing in the Round, co-written by my friend Geoff Livingston. Geoff shared the review with Gini on Twitter. In no time, Gini and I started a friendship that continues today.

I don’t say these things to name drop or to gush over Gini. I say them because it’s proof to me that Gini practices the philosophies discussed on her blog, Spin Sucks, and in the book of the same name.

There is no BS when it comes to this PR rock-star.

Spin Sucks the book is proof that there are marketing experts out there who absolutely practice what they preach. And Gini preaches transparency, honesty, creativity and fun!


This book is not long, and it does not need to be. The concepts in this book are simple but revolutionary at the same time.

PR is no longer about spin. It’s no longer about gaming Google by churning out crap releases via wire services non-stop (don’t do this by the way, the Google hammer is coming down on this very soon).

PR and Communications are about building trust, being transparent and authentic. These aren’t just buzzwords, these are absolute necessities. Because you can’t spin anymore.

There are way too many opportunities for spin to be exposed… social media, online reviews and ratings, YouTube, and on and on.

Transparency might sound painful or even frightening. It may seem as if businesses are losing control of their message and in a way they are.

But, they now have the opportunity to make deeper connections with their audience to build an army of passionate fans. What advertising or spin could achieve this???

This book shows you how to be transparent and authentic to achieve your goals and mitigate your mistakes. Pick it up and see what I mean!


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