Now that you have a WordPress website you need to keep it up to date

Since it became a viable CMS, the Wood Street team has built over 90 custom WordPress sites for our customers. Once a site is launched, you need to ensure it is being maintained properly so it continues to be a valuable marketing tool for your company. We’ve put together our WordPress Maintenance Pro service option below to keep you safe, secure and up-to-date!

WordPress Maintenance Pro

A robust maintenance, security & backup service for WordPress.

General Maintenance
  • Review and update WordPress core.
  • Review and update plug-ins.
  • Perform code updates as needed.
  • Add/Enhance/Streamline WordPress features based on client needs.
  • Review comment and form SPAM. Clean out as necessary.
  • Protection against hackers and breaches keeping the site safe.
  • Detect when breaches are attempted and take steps to eliminate them.
  • Site Up-time Monitoring.
  • Recovery and restoration services. Fixing hacks as needed or completely restoring sites from a backup (see Backup Features).
  • Education. Educate client on security best practices they need to utilize (secure passwords for one) to help keep their website safe.
  • Peace of mind against complete loss of data.
  • Scheduled and reviewed by professionals on a set interval determined by client.
  • Recovery if website is compromised.
  • Remote backups to Amazon S3.
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