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Mobile is Now a Mainstream Marketing Channel

I think it’s safe to say that mobile is now a mainstream marketing channel. We’ve known it to be so for some time. However, 2012 has seen massive growth is mobile usage, specifically with regards to smartphones. According to Snaphop.com “in 2012, the U.S. saw a 55% increase in smartphone subscriptions to …98 million…, representing... Read More

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Responsive Design Needs Responsive Content

  Responsive Design, the coding technique making one design work across multiple platforms – web, mobile, tablet – is gaining traction in our industry and rightfully so. With smart phones and tablets, users are accessing their information on the go and on a variety of different devices. But what is design without content? A useless... Read More

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3 Mobile Experience Musts

At Wood Street, we talk a lot about design, user experience, conversion, SEO, and the like. We sometimes assume that everyone is as passionate about this stuff as we are. And for the most part, our clients really are. And even though user experience on mobile is VERY important, it’s often overlooked. User experience refers to the... Read More

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