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I’ve known Jon professionally for over a decade and knew that when it came time for our company to finally update its web presence, Wood Street would be tops on my list. When I first showed up at the design studio with handwritten notes and sketches, I’m sure the team was rolling their eyes and wondering what they got themselves into! However, in a very professional way, we steadily progressed from concept to requirements to a “wireframe” prototype of the site. Chaos was quickly replaced with order and the project moved along at a good clip from that point forward. It was particularly impressive how Jamie designed a single set of web pages that could interact with the users of a PC, tablet or smart phone device. Also, Derek’s technical skills were particularly welcome as he was able to design custom forms and reports that were generated in real time using information from our legacy database. In the end, the site met all of our business requirements and now serves as the marketing centerpiece of our company. Our investment in the website – and choice of Wood Street as our vendor – were two of the best decisions we made last year. Mitch Romm, Managing Partner Doctor Backup, LLC, Laurel, MD