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From the start of our rebranding initiative, Wood Street made it hard to NOT want to work with them. When we published our RFP, we’d received several referrals to competing firms and, in full transparency, we included Wood Street more because they were a reputable local firm. Wood Street’s response was well organized and easy to follow. It was pointed and thoughtful. It set the bar very high and made it easy to tell people with whom I have close business relationships that I was ignoring their referral without hesitation. Their work actually crafting and building our refreshed brand was as solid as their proposal. We were not an easy client, but Wood Street did a remarkable job balancing my demands for a well-managed project with solid timelines against my Leadership Team’s desire to continually tinker with deliverables. Wood Street delivered a polished and fresh design for our website and collateral that gave us a more professional look while still maintaining strong alignment with our core values (which, as you might imagine, is always a critical success factor for a company named Integrity). Even now that we’re on the happy side of going live, I’d have to say that Wood Street’s continued support has been even more impressive than their sales and delivery efforts; not only are the folks at Wood Street always readily available to discuss branding questions and make any adjustments we request to our marketing elements, but the conversation is always focused on Integrity’s objectives rather than on fees for services. Wood Street is a highly creative and capable shop, and a true partner in Integrity’s continued success. Chris Moore, Director, Strategy Integrity Consulting, Frederick, MD