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Discussion with XM Host Mario Armstrong

Recently, Wood Street’s Jon-Mikel Bailey was asked to be on the Mario Armstrong XM Radio Show to talk about selecting a web design firm and utilizing social media to market your organization.

Here is a link to the show (including a piece with a Yahoo content expert worth checking out)

Also, here is a brief summary of the points discussed..

Selecting a Web Design Firm

What questions should I ask that would help me identify the right web designer for my project?

  1. “What is your design process?”
  2. “Who are your designers; what are their backgrounds?”
  3. “How do we measure results; how do we know our web site it working?”

What’s the most common mistake or assumptions small businesses make when getting a web site done?

  1. Not having clearly defined goals and knowing how to achieve them
  2. Not integrating their web site with other marketing efforts

Utilizing Social Media

Social Media is very popular now, how do we use it in our marketing?

  1. Make sure your web site is the hub of your marketing; all roads should lead to your web site.
  2. Be interactive, engage with your audience.  Be a resource of useful information.

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