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Getting to Know Your Customers – Interview with Media Shower


Have you thought about the little things you say to your customers? The subtle sentiments behind your words that can take them from “just another meeting” to “game changer?” Did you know it can be as easy as showing them you care by asking the right questions up front?

But what are the right questions? Media Shower recently touched base with Wood Street, Inc., to elaborate.

What is the difference between asking a customer “What are your needs?” versus simply asking what a business does?

This is all part of understanding their story. It’s the story they tell about their company that gets them excited and gets the hairs on their neck to stand straight up. We need to figure out how to translate that excitement into their marketing materials and online communications.

It’s easy to get stuck in boring corporate-speak and making sure you cover all the “main points” and please all the involved stakeholders. But it serves no purpose in today’s marketing. Organizations have to find ways to stand out in a sea of content – print, video, social, blogs, email, etc.

If we can help them to understand what gets them excited, what gets their audience excited, and where those two things intersect, we’ll know what to focus on. And we will achieve success!

When crafting the messaging and strategy for their website and other marketing, why is it important to know the client’s end user/target market?

You wouldn’t build a car and not consider the driver. The same applies to your marketing.

Ann Handley from MarketingProfs co-wrote one of my favorite books called Content Rules. I was featuring her in a presentation slide deck and needed a quote. I asked her to sum up the most important point of her book in one sentence. She said, “As yourself, ‘what marketing would my customer thank me for?’”

Click here to see the full Media Show interview.


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