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Wood Street Launches Entinex Web Site

Wood Street is pleased to announced the completely redesigned web presence for Baltimore, MD based Management Consulting firm EntinexEntinex is the recognized world expert in bringing lean principles into harmony with heavy regulations and governance, (e.g. ISO, SarBox, and CMMI).

After a casual meeting at a Greater Baltimore Tech Council event years ago between Entinex CEO Hillel Glazer and Wood Street President Jon-Mikel Bailey, the two companies have worked together on multiple projects.

After having Wood Street overhaul his AgileCMMI.com WordPress theme, Hillel Glazer was eager to have the Wood Street team go to work on his Entinex corporate site.

“Hillel has been a dream client for us, he knows what he wants but is also always very willing to hear our expert opinion,” stated Jon Bailey, Wood Street President.

The new website has an expended look and layout with a new focus on where Entinex is heading as a company.  The design now matches more appropriately the AgileCMMI.com blog which is very popular in its industry.

Take a look at the web site here – www.entinex.com


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