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Wood Street Launches LACE Web Site

Wood Street is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new web site for LACE Financial.  LACE Financial, a global services company located in Frederick, MD, provides accurate and valuable credit rating services along with consultation through their team’s talented analytical resources.

Wood Street has worked with LACE for years, refining their back-end system and creating upgrades along the way.  Since the system was an integral part of their service offering, it was first and foremost their priority.

But at some point the look of the site was going to have to be addressed.  Wood Street was very pleased when LACE announced they were ready to proceed with a complete redesign.

“We’ve been wanting to overhaul the user experience of this site for years and we’re excited to finally announce the launch of a brand new look for LACE” remarked Wood Street Creative Director, Jamie Stup.

The user experience has been reworked using the latest in CSS and .Net usability strategies.  The site now looks great and functions much better from a sales and marketing as well as a back-end user level.



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