The Wood Street Process

1. Gather Information

After 12+ years, we know that success begins with listening. Our first step is to gather information through meetings, phone calls and surveys, guiding you each step of the way.

2. Developing a Plan

We run the information you’ve given us through the filter of vast experience to develop a plan detailing design, development and marketing goals.

3. Design

Our designers, using the information gathered, can design exactly what is needed for your project to be successful. Sure, we win awards, but we also get results!

4. We Build

With your goals in mind, our developers bring the new designs to life. Our team has years of coding experience and specializes in coding for the user, your client.

5. We Test and Deploy…

After thoroughly testing on a development server, we take it live! Our relationship doesn’t end there. We stay connected. We want to see your success grow and build for years to come.

Wood Street Journal