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About Those Mobile Users… How Much Business Are You Missing?

Whether you have a storefront, restaurant, or a booth at a trade show, how much business are you missing because there is no mobile strategy?

Let me ask this question a different way – how many people do you see walking by your store, restaurant or booth staring at their smartphone? Are they stopping in? Or do they just glance your way and keep on walking?

The majority of these people want information from you. They want to know about deals or solutions you offer. They would be interested in saving on dinner or finding a better time tracking solution for their business or getting updates on sales… whatever it is you are trying to offer them.

But, what they don’t want is to be sold to. It is an unfortunate truth today that people avoid a pitch like the plague. They want information on their terms or not at all.

This is where a mobile strategy becomes very important. Advertising as we know it is dead (or dying a slow agonizing death). People want, and expect, more. They want to be shown how something helps them. They want answers.

Think about the car buying process today. It is a completely different experience now. The consumer is ultimately calling the shots because they have instant access to prices, reviews and comparisons in the palm of their hands. The dealers know this and the good ones use it to their advantage.

If you could remove the pitch from your marketing efforts, what are you left with? The solution.

The Trade Show Booth

When a potential customer is passing by your booth, how do you engage them? For example, the typical trade show booth might have…

  • A display or banner with some graphics and maybe a list of features
  • Some giveaways – candy, pens, things that light up!
  • A marketing person who is clearly tired of talking to people but making an effort nonetheless to accost you as you walk by

What if there was also a big display right up front with a QR Code linking to a mobile microsite specifically for that trade show? The potential customer could scan the code, enter their email address and have instant access to all the useful information they need.

They will probably keep walking but you’ve made that connection. Instead of a small space in that big bag of stuff they eventually toss, you have a presence in their most prized possession, their smartphone.

The Restaurant

How about the restaurant display? Any restaurant with a front window is going to try and use it in some clever way to get your attention…

  • A menu
  • A list of daily deals or specials
  • An announcement for tonight’s entertainment

Again, what if there was an eye catching display with a big QR Code on it? The code could take them to a mobile microsite with a full menu, videos of the chef preparing a meal, images of the specials, or even a video from the band playing that evening?

Perhaps it’s 3pm and the person is not quite ready for dinner. But, they scan your code and now have access to everything they need to know about your restaurant. When they head back out for dinner, you now have a much better chance of getting their business.

Not to mention that you are in their phone. If their meal was awesome, they can easily share your mobile microsite with all of their friends on Facebook.

These are just a couple of examples of how mobile can be used capture and keep the attention of what would normally be a missed opportunity.

How else could you use mobile to grab someone’s attention? I would love to hear more ideas in the comments section below.

This post originally appeared on the Myqrosites Blog.


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