Jerr Dan Print Materials


Jerr Dan was reworking its print marketing and needed a new promotional folder that would contain its corporate and product information. In addition to an outer card stock folder, there would be inset folds with information, as well as a pocket for additional pieces.


Wood Street created a design that coupled brand colors with metal textures to produce a fitting visual for Jerr Dan’s identity as a chassis manufacturer. Bold lines, elements, and typography followed deliberate patterns of placement to ensure that all the elements worked well together and reinforced the message of the folder. The interior pages invert the darker color scheme of the outside and show the versatility of Jerr Dan’s branding scheme. Imagery of trucks are interspersed and integrated with segments of content to ensure a relationship between the information and the product. Deliberate brakes in the grid draw attention to important information in the designs. The overall piece is effective and a bold addition to Jerr Dan’s marketing efforts.

Project Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator