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Zion Luxury Properties Logo

Project Overview

Project Type Branding
Company Zion Luxury Properties
Year 2022


Zion Luxury Properties, a real estate brokerage service for the southern Utah region, commissioned Wood Street to develop a new logo for its brand. Since this company focused its services on a specific real estate niche, the challenge was to properly represent the geographic area and luxury segment of the market.


The new logo for Zion Luxury Properties pays homage to southern Utah’s striking geographical features. Rolling copper-toned hills are paired with sharp black Rocky Mountain peaks. These are complimented by wide rounded type that, in contrast to the logomark’s organic shapes and energy, has a more high-end modern style. The overall logo composition visually balances and communicates Zion’s real estate market focus and serves as an effective cornerstone of its marketing efforts.

Project Tools

  • Adobe Illustrator

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