Wood Street is pleased to announce that today, August 1st, marks the 9th anniversary of the company’s founding. Wood Street was founded as a Maryland corporation on August 1st, 2002. Founded initially as a web design and development firm, the company now offers mobile design and development solutions, backend website module solutions and much more.

“Since we founded we have seen tremendous growth year after year,” remarked Vice President Jason Giuliano. He continued by saying “, we have focused on smart growth in all aspects of our business model with a strong focus on our clients and their goals.” The company still maintains the website of its very first paying client as well as many other clients they have worked with throughout these 9 years.

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Jon-Mikel Bailey - Before co-founding Wood Street in 2002, Jon worked in sales, marketing and business development for technology and marketing firms. A popular speaker, he gives seminars on marketing, internet marketing, branding and web design to chambers of commerce, trade associations and colleges. He has a BFA in Photography from Frostburg State University and still shoots photos for Wood Street clients.

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